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Audio Tape to WMA
Audio Tape to WMA
We transfer Tape to wma, CD (Audio Tape to CD), mp3 & more.
If you want to save your favourite music, voice or any other analogue audio from fading away you need to transfer tape to CD or any reliable digital format like mp3, wma, wav, ram and mp3PRO. Transfer with us

If you transfer tape to wma they won’t lose their quality anymore and also optionally you can decide which track to listen instantly using your WMA Player or a computer. This way you can store, play and edit them on your computer and enjoy sharing your precious memories online with your family and friends.

Note: Tapes under and above 60 minutes will be considered as follows:
  • Under 60min: ONE tape
  • Above 60min: TWO tapes
  • Two 90mins: THREE tapes

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What is WMA?    |   Windows Media Audio
WMA is an audio file format developed by Microsoft (www.microsoft.com), the maker of Windows Media Player. It may not be as popular as MP3, but it is still supported by a vast number of players and jukeboxes, including Winamp, Sonique, MusicMatch and J. River's Media Jukebox.

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