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Transfer LP/Vinyl to CD
We transfer LP/vinyl to CD, mp3, wma & more.

If you want to save your favourite music, voice or any other analogue audio from fading away you need to transfer vinyl to CD or any reliable digital format like mp3, wma, wav and mp3PRO. Transfer with us

If you transfer vinyl to CD they won't lose their quality anymore and also optionally you can decide which track to listen instantly using your CD/MP3-Player or a computer.

Optional: We convert your vinyl/s, track by track but if there are no silent (3sec) between each tracks then we consider it as one track.

NOTE: Vinyl discs are very sensitive to dust and scratches, because of the lack of evidence for a tick-free record and the engineering factors making such a record extremely rare, it is quite likely that no record exists that is truly free from all pops and ticks. Repeated playback (no matter what the timeframe) carries the risk of permanent damage. Obviously, records are observed to wear out with repeated play. However we do our best to remove pops and ticks by:
cleaning your disc/s with special anti-static materials, solutions & technics.
using our professional systems with automated digital filters.


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