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Transfer Umatic to DVD (U-matic)
Is your favourite video losing its quality?
Then if you transfer Umatic to DVD you won’t lose the quality any more. Transfer with us

Edgware, Mill Hill, London, UK

We never play a tape that is wet, dirty, or contaminated (such as with mould); in these cases initially we have to do the clean/repair process of the entire internal tapes and then start the transfer.

Storage Advice:
Generally accepted practices call for tapes to be stored upright on metal shelves in the dark, away from magnetic fields. Clean, secure, cool, dry storage is essential. Standards for the storage of videotape are set by the International Standard Organization for Standards (ISO 18923:2000) and are summarized in "Videotape Preservation Fact Sheets" (http://www.amianet.org/11_Information/Information.html) as follows:

"Acceptable extended-term storage conditions for polyester-based magnetic tape, such as videotape, are: 20C (68F) and 20-30% RH; 15C (59F) and 20-40% RH; or 10C (50F) and 20-50% RH. The best long-term storage temperature is approximately 8C (46F) (never below) and 25% RH. Humidity variation should be less than 5% RH and the temperature variation should be less than 2C (4F) within a 24-hour period."

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