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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions - Page 1
Your Questions Matters

These questions and answers are here to help you to understand some of the basic services we provide.

Transfer Video

How many hours of video can be transfer to one DVD?

For best quality each DVD can take up to 2 hours of video however in every DVD you will have a menu with sub-menus to choose where to watch with several chapters (if applicable) for easy navigation also we do our best to keep them organised.

Do I get a menu, Sub-menus and titles for my DVDs?

Yes, but remember to leave a note for each video tape, for example David's Birthday 2007, Mom's wedding and so on. (Title Printing is 50p each).

Should I give a title for each tape before sending them to you?

Yes, but if you don't like any title for your finished Video or Audio we can skip to the next step which is printing some snapshots of your video on DVD on request (extra charge apply).

I have a number of television programs that I've recorded to VHS & would like to transfer to DVD. These are purely for my own private use. Could you transfer them to DVD?

Yes, we can transfer almost every kind of video to any format. e.g.: DVD, MPG, MP4, etc.

I would like to transfer VHS tape to DV format for editing on my Mac. Can you do that?

Yes, we can transfer your VHS Tapes to MP4 digital video files (suitable for Editing) so that you could be able to edit them on your Mac/Windows computer. To order just visit our main web site www.media.co.uk by following the link below::

  • Transfer Video to DVD & Mac/PC "MP4" (pick your hours)

    If you have found the instruction above not helpful just Click Here.

    I have 17 video 8 tapes with 20mins to approx. 90mins on each, how much does it cost to transfer to DVD?

    If you don't know how many hours of video you have in total, just follow the instruction below:
    1. Send your tapes to us. Click Here
    2. We will transfer them and inform you of the total hours and how to pay.
    3. Make your payment and receive your order in 1-3 working days.

    Is it possible to transfer from camcorder dvd-rw (mini DVD) onto an actual DVD?

    Yes we could transfer your mini DVD to an actual DVD but you need to finalise the disk using your camcorder first and then order this item: Transfer Mini DVD to DVD.

    If you don't know how many hours you have in total then just send your tapes to us and we will transfer them for you and let you know of the total.

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