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Micro Tape to MP3
Mini Tape to MP3 (Micro Tape to MP3)
Mini Tape is also known as micro tape.

We transfer Mini Tape to  mp3, CD, wma & more.
If you want to save your favourite music, voice or any other analogue audio from fading away you need to transfer mini tape to mp3 or any reliable digital format like wma, wav, ram and mp3PRO. Transfer with us

If you transfer Mini Tape to MP3 they won’t lose their quality anymore. This way you can store, play and edit them on your computer and enjoy sharing your precious memories online with your family and friends.

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What is MP3?    |   MPEG 1 audio layer 3
MPEG: Moving Picture Experts Group

Layer 3 is one of three coding schemes (layer 1, layer 2 and layer 3) for the compression of audio signals. Layer 3 uses perceptual audio coding and psycho acoustic compression to remove all superfluous information (more specifically, the redundant and irrelevant parts of a sound signal. The stuff the human ear doesn't hear anyway).

It also adds a MDCT (Modified Discrete Cosine Transform) that implements a filter bank, increasing the frequency resolution 18 times higher than that of layer 2.

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